Housekeeping Services for Seniors


One of the key activities of daily living is housekeeping. While it may seem like an insignificant task, keeping one’s house clean is essential to reducing mental stress and increasing physical health, along with providing a safer environment in which to live.

Studies show that residents living with cluttered rooms, disorganization in filing and general storage, as well as dusty and dirty living areas are more susceptible to mental health issue due to the stress of their environment. On top of that, a cluttered home can very easily pose physical risks as well as illness. Thankfully, there is a great solution for today’s seniors, and it starts with Seniors 5 Star Concierge catered housekeeping services.

The Benefit of Selecting Senior Housekeeping Services

Our housekeeping services for seniors offer clients more than just a general cleaning service. We come with a 49 point cleaning checklist that covers both a general cleaning as well as the general housekeeping tasks some seniors aren’t capable of doing themselves. We can also customize our services to meet any specific needs that you may have, from meal preparation to any special accommodations regarding certain chores or pet needs.

Examples of what we offer include:

  • Dusting
  • Damp Mopping for Hardwood and Flooring
  • Vacuuming for Carpets and Furniture
  • Bedding Changes
  • Scrubbing the Bathroom
  • Tidying Up General Living Spaces
  • Pet Assistance
  • Plant Assistance
  • Laundry
  • Kitchen and Counter Cleaning
  • Clean Out Refrigerators and Cupboards of Expired Food
  • Cleaning Dishes
  • And More!

Each service includes a thorough list that is signed off on upon every visit. We have a trained eye to spot safety or fire hazards, as well as the ability to provide assistance with additional everyday tasks a regular cleaning service might not. The result is a comfortable and refreshingly clean home that you can feel at ease in.

If you or a loved one struggles with navigating the home as is, you may want to consider our safety assessment options as well. One of our staff members can come out and assist you in assessing the safety of an aging client’s home and suggest modifications, changes, and more that can help make at home living safer, easier, and less stressful.

Contact Us Today to Schedule Your Senior Housecleaning Service

We love our clients and go above and beyond to make sure we do our best to improve your quality of living. Contact us today with any questions and/or to schedule your first appointment today! You can reach our office by phone at 239-331-4808 or simply fill out our online contact form.

Tell us what your needs are and we will put together a catered service package that meets those needs. We can also bundle other services that we offer, including home basics and property management for outdoor landscaping and home maintenance, meal preparation, house sitting services, and more!