Pet Care for Seniors


Any veteran pet owner knows that a pet is part of the family. They bring joy, laughter, and comfort. They’re powerful therapists, too! A good pet or trained animal is able to help people combat and manage loneliness, depression, anxiety, stress, and even certain medical problems. But what happens when you can no longer care for your beloved animal properly? Seniors 5 Star Concierge offers a solution for elderly pet owners struggling to keep up with their animal’s needs: Pet Care Services for Seniors.

About Seniors 5 Star Concierge’s Pet Care Services

Seniors 5 Star Concierge offers Pet Care Services that help assist our clients with the basic care of their pets. Whether you’re going out of town or you simply need regular help in caring for your animal, our caregivers will ensure that your furry friend is always happy!

We Come to You!

There’s no need to feel guilty for putting your animal in a kennel or housing him or her outside of the home they feel most familiar in. Seniors 5 Star Concierge comes to you. We handle any cleaning and feeding needs, and make sure that your pet gets plenty of exercise as part of the day’s activities.

We Adapt to Your Schedule!

Our services our flexible. When you contact us, we discuss your needs and create a customized visit frequency schedule catered to your preferences. If you’re out of town, we can also incorporate your pet sitting needs with a house sitting service, so your pets never feel alone or abandoned while you’re away.

What is Included in Our Pet Services

Our pet services include:

  • Daily walks
  • Waste removal, both while at home and during outdoor activities
  • Daily reports so you always know exactly how your pet is doing and what took place that day
  • Other specific needs that may be unique to your pet or your custom service

Keep in mind that the pet owner must provide any necessary food and medications for their pets. We take your instructions on any specifics regarding feeding times, how much to give your pet daily, and any medication requirements.

Have Questions About Our Pet Services for Seniors?

Don’t be shy. Give us a call! You can reach Seniors 5 Star Concierge by phone at 239-331-4808 or send us an e-mail through our contact form. It’s important to ensure that both the caregiver and the animal are comfortable with one another, so we make it a point to do a consultation with the client and their furry friend prior to setting up a schedule. During that time we will discuss with you any questions you may have, special needs, and what it would take to put together the right service for you.

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting your beloved pet!