Senior Care Planning


All good senior care starts with a plan, and all good plan are made as a team. Seniors 5 Star Concierge has been in the business of elderly care for many years. We understand how hard the conversation about short-term and long-term care can be with a client and loved one. Yet we also know that the best results come about when the patient, family, and loving support team are all on the same page.

A Good Elderly Care Plan Starts with a Meeting

Think of this as an initial brainstorming session where professionals, family members, and caregivers work with the client to establish a comfortable living solution for both the short-term and the long. Whether the client is an elderly individual in need of accommodations as he or she ages or an individual suffering from cancer or degenerative disease, we help you ask the difficult questions and discover the most comfortable solution. We take our time, helping you overcome communication barriers while formulating a care plan that fully identifies client needs in an action-based plan.

Who to Invite

We mentioned family and caregivers should be included in these meetings, but who exactly does that include? For many clients, this can be a difficult conversation to have and so we wouldn’t recommend including the whole extended family. Instead, focus on including the most important people in this discussion.

First and foremost, we highly recommend the senior whose care is being planned to be present. Every decision and concern we discuss will revolve around him or her, thus he or she should be a part of the discussion if the client is able to participate. We do understand that in some cultures, this may be taboo. However, we respect our clients and have seen the best results come from the individual having the opportunity to voice their own preferences and choices. In some cases, their decisions may very well surprise you!

Next, we would suggest available family members, healthcare professionals, and caregivers who are responsible for the individual’s well being. These meetings typically have around 4 attendees. We don’t recommend more than ten.

Remember, this meeting is meant to be a very open, very honest discussion on the needs, desires, and options for long-term care for the individual. Our trained professionals at Seniors 5 Star Concierge have the skills and experience to guide these discussions, cover all the appropriate bases, and ask the right questions.

What Senior Care Planning Covers

Senior Care Planning is designed to cover both the client’s current needs and how those needs will change and be adapted to later on down the road. Each agenda is catered to the client. It can include everything from legal documents such as a Living Will to establishing a health care proxy and whether care will be administered at home, in assisted living, a nursing home, or hospital. These plans are especially important for aging clients and end-of-life care situations.

It is never too early to create a senior care plan. We invite individuals to be proactive about having a plan in place prior to their need of one because you never know when one emergency visit can change everything.

Care planning is both comprehensive and ongoing. It is meant for the individual and should reflect both their desires and personal beliefs, as well as be adaptable should things change unexpectedly.

How to Set Up a Senior Care Planning Meeting

To set up an appointment to discuss a senior care plan, simply give Seniors 5 Star a call at 239-331-4808 or fill out our contact form. We will respond swiftly during our business hours to schedule an appointment at a location most convenient for the individual. Prospective clients are welcome to meet at our offices or we can come to you.