Senior Shopping and Errand Services


Even if age or illness prevents you from driving, you can still keep your daily lifestyle with a little assistance, such as shopping and errand services. Whether you’re looking to get out of the house and do a bit of shopping or you have to run a list of errands, Seniors 5 Star Concierge is here to provide transportation and pickup.

Our clients use us for:

  • Grocery Shopping
  • Recreational Shopping
  • Prescription Pickup
  • Retrieving Mail from the Post Office
  • Drop off and Pick Up Dry Cleaning
  • Attending Church Services or Other Events
  • Gift Shopping
  • Medical and Other Appointments
  • General Errands
  • And More!

These days, transportation is a must. Especially when you live in area where what you need isn’t within walking distance. Trust a company who is licensed and trained to help you get from point A to point B. We can drive our own vehicles or use your own if you prefer (so long as the proper insurance is in place).

Why Seniors Opt for Transportation Services

Giving up the option to get behind the wheel can be a difficult choice for many. However, as we get older, we can find ourselves developing vision problems, delayed reaction times, memory loss, or confusion that can make driving an unsafe activity. Some clients refuse to drive at night, after an extensive surgery/medical treatment, or even at all, and that’s okay. However, you may not want or be able to lean on your family members to chauffeur you around whenever you need it.

That’s where we come in. Seniors 5 Star Concierge is here to provide you with peace of mind while allowing you to life your life the way you want. We can establish a regular weekly schedule or plan for a specific event or day to help you get where you need to go.

We can even assist you with the errands you need to do. From helping you collect and carry your groceries to taking notes for your family or loved ones at a doctor’s appointment, we are certified to be a true concierge that provides assistance and relief on daily errands and shopping tasks that are difficult to do alone.

Our services are highly customizable, so we can adapt to you, your personal needs, and schedule. Our employees are passionate about their job and friendly, patient, and professional with every client we serve. It will truly feel like a concierge service!

Contact Us About Our Senior Errand Services Today

Whether you no longer drive or you simply don’t feel safe doing so, let Seniors 5 Star Concierge help you maintain your daily life without sacrificing too much independence. Talk to us today about our transportation services and how we can make your life easier.