Transportation Services for Seniors


Mobility is important, especially when we’re older. The independence that’s found in transportation helps us connect with our friends and loved ones while providing freedom in life. We take for granted the simple ability to drive to the grocery store, see a movie, or run our usual errands, but what happens when that freedom is taken away?

When we lose that mobility, we lose are connection with the community around us, along with a sense of purpose. It’s easy to feel trapped in your own home; a notion that leads to depression for many seniors who lose the ability to drive.

That’s why many elderly citizens are reluctant to hand in their license, even long after physical impairments have made it dangerous to drive. Seniors 5 Star Concierge is here to help our elderly clients keep their routines and independence without putting themselves and others at risk.

About Our Transportation Services

Whether you simply need a ride to the store or a doctor’s appointment, or you want a way to get to your regular social outings, Seniors 5 Star Concierge offers transportation services for seniors that are catered to fit your needs.

Our high quality transportation services are geared toward elderly, disabled, or disadvantaged seniors. We believe it’s important for our clients to remain mobile and have social independence in order to avoid feelings of isolation and loneliness. Our flexibility and our expertise allow us to offer our clients the level and type of transportation they desire.

Clients can choose between riding in one of the vehicles we provide or have our driver escort you back and forth in your own vehicle, once the appropriate insurance is in place. However, this is only one of many details that set our services apart from the competition. Seniors 5 Star Concierge truly goes above and beyond in many ways.

Seniors 5 Star Concierge: Offering More Than Just a Ride

All of our provided concierges are trained in CPR, First Aid, and how to properly use any special equipment, such as client’s wheelchairs. From medical appointments and consultations to social events and regularly scheduled outings, we are here to give our clients back their independence.

We can even help make doctor’s appointments easier by assisting our clients with:

  • Being present during a consultation to transcribe discussions and recommendations to relay to family members
  • Collect any necessary prescriptions after a medical appointment
  • Set up repeat prescription services with your local pharmacy when necessary

These additional benefits are available to bundle with our senior transportation services with the proper written permissions. Our dedication is to making our clients lives easier and more enjoyable.

Contact Senior 5 Star Concierge About Transportation Services Today

Talk to us today with your specific needs and any questions you may have regarding our offerings. All you have to do is call us at 239-331-4808 or send an email to We will be happy to meet with you one-on-one or with your family and loved ones to talk about how we can help you redeem your independence today!