Wellness Advice for Seniors


Getting older doesn’t always have to be a pain. With so many active seniors in the United States, we’ve learned that age is often less about the number and more about how you care for your body. Seniors 5 Star Concierge believes in quality living for our senior clients, which is why we offer Wellness Advice for Seniors.  

This consultation service allows us to provide professional guidance on how our clients can improve their lifestyles for better health, mentally and physically. Our staff is dedicated to keeping up with the latest research and ideologies for healthy living. Currently, we subscribe to the “Blue Zones Mantra” and “Power Nine Model” adopted by Collier County and the Naples Community Hospital.

What does this mean, exactly? Below you’ll find an overview of both and why we believe in them.

What is the Blue Zones Mantra?

The “Blue Zones” refers to places within the world where the population featured individuals living extraordinary long and healthy lifespans. Certain areas of Japan, Costa Rica, Greece, Italy, Sardinia, and even California have populations living healthy, active lives well into their 80’s, 90’s, and 100’s.

But how? That was the question asked by Dan Buettner, a journalist and health activist who made it a point to unravel the secret to their longevity and high quality of life. He compiled a team and set out to investigate. His results led to 9 common denominators. These are called the “power nine.”

The Power Nine Model

  • Natural Exercise: These people aren’t triathletes or gym junkies. They simply live active lives that keep them moving. From walking to their destinations to maintaining a lawn or garden, their environments aren’t filled with mechanical or technological conveniences. Manual labor is more intensive and time consuming. However, it isn’t an extreme regiment. It’s simply part of their everyday activity.
  • They Destress Daily: Individuals in the blue zones aren’t immune to stress. They experience it just like the rest of us. The difference is that they take time to release that stress, whether it’s through prayer, naps, or happy hour. It’s part of their daily habit.
  • The 80% Full Rule: In Okinawa Japan, it’s a Confucian practice to eat until you’re 80% full. They eat their smallest meal in the late afternoon or early evening and then don’t eat again until the next day. This helps them maintain a healthy weight.
  • Less Meat, More Plants: It’s common knowledge that our diet is a primary contributor to our overall health. Most individuals who lived into their 100’s had a diet that favored beans, such as black, soy, fava, and lentils, while meat was only consumed about once a month. Each serving ranged between three to four ounces.
  • They Favor Happy Hour: Excluding Adventists, these long-lived individuals were no stranger to alcohol. They drank moderately, meaning between one to two glasses of wine a day. They did not binge drink.
  • Spirituality: All but 5 of the 263 centenarians interviewed in Buettner’s research belonged to some kind of spiritual community. Religion and denomination held no sway over longevity. Only that they belonged to a faith-based community.
  • Family was a priority: These individuals were very family oriented, keeping aging parents and grandparents close or within the home. They committed to a life partner and procreated. They made it a point to spend time with their children who would one day take care of them.
  • Join the Right Tribe: These people all lived within a community and had social circles that promoted healthy habits. Framingham Studies showed that obesity, loneliness, happiness, and smoking are all contagious. Building and fostering positive relationships with people who have healthy habits improve your own overall habits.

Whether these individuals made it to their 80’s, 90’s, or 100’s, they lived mostly without any form of chronic disease. Whether you have good genes or not, it’s expected that your average life expectancy can be increased 10 to 12 years by adopting these lifestyle habits.

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